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    Ride Ten Thousand

    The Ten Thousand can be summed up as follows: 126 miles of Illinois Driftless gravel, rad people that want to set their legs ablaze, sadistic vert and post-ride beers. On October 17, 2015, the good dudes at Axletree are back with the second annual Ten Thousand gravel ride.  In true AxelTree fashion, topo maps of […]

GLAP Events

Feb. 5-8 | Michigan Ice Fest [more info]

Feb. 14 | Chicago Bike Swap [more info]

Feb. 15 | Chicago Orienteering Madness [more info]

Feb. 27 | Chicago Critical Mass [more info]

Feb. 29-22 | American Birkebeiner [more info]

March 21 | Chicago Lakefront 50K [more info]

Mar. 28 | Barry Roubaix [more info]

April 11 | Lowell 50 Gravel Ride [more info]


Cody Sovis CX

How to Cyclocross Good By Cody Sovis

Cyclocross is a sport that some people do good, and some people don’t do so good. Here are some tips to make sure that you are one of the ‘do good’ people I was talking about earlier in this blog post. The first thing you have to remember is that cyclocross bike riding is like […]

The North Face Speaker Series in Chicago – Conrad Anker

On October 14, 2015, climbing legend and TNF athlete Conrad Anker will be in Chicago presenting The Other Way.  From what I can tell, The Other Way is an apt title for a discussion that chronicles a climbing life lived outside the well-known yet artificial societal boundaries.  Mr. Conrad’s story, which culminates with summiting Meru, weaves the inherent risk, […]

Preconceived Noceans

Mother Nature, for all her awe and beauty, is a fickle, frigid and possibly schizophrenic bitch.  If we can agree on that then we can likely agree that Great Lakes surfing is an audacious yet scrappy venture.  Indeed, the conditions are only right when the wind is the most severe, visibility is low and ice […]


Love Mud, Will Run

As a Midwestern’r, if you are running a Spring ultra then that can only mean one thing – you picked a fight with Old Man Winter and came out with the upper hand.  I’ve been that guy on the Lakeshore path with layers of Lycra, frozen eyelashes and icicles dangling from the beard.  It’s brutal. […]



Great Lakes Adventure Project

Great Lakes Adventure Project is about embracing the active urban lifestyle. Our goal is to bring the often overlooked side of the Great Lakes regions’ urban outdoor culture into focus. Simply put, our mission is to help people find adventure in the most unlikely places, at possibly the most unlikely moments.