• Preconceived Noceans

    Mother Nature, for all her awe and beauty, is a fickle, frigid and possibly schizophrenic bitch.  If we can agree on that then we can likely agree that Great Lakes surfing is an audacious yet scrappy venture.  Indeed, the conditions are only right when the wind is the most severe, visibility is low and ice […]

GLAP Events

Feb. 5-8 | Michigan Ice Fest [more info]

Feb. 14 | Chicago Bike Swap [more info]

Feb. 15 | Chicago Orienteering Madness [more info]

Feb. 27 | Chicago Critical Mass [more info]

Feb. 29-22 | American Birkebeiner [more info]

March 21 | Chicago Lakefront 50K [more info]

Mar. 28 | Barry Roubaix [more info]

April 11 | Lowell 50 Gravel Ride [more info]



Love Mud, Will Run

As a Midwestern’r, if you are running a Spring ultra then that can only mean one thing – you picked a fight with Old Man Winter and came out with the upper hand.  I’ve been that guy on the Lakeshore path with layers of Lycra, frozen eyelashes and icicles dangling from the beard.  It’s brutal. […]

Clear & Cold Cinema: Michigan Ice Film

The fellas at Clear & Cold Cinema are at it again.  As a follow-up to the toasty Cold Rolled series and some spectacular Michigan travel pieces, Aaron Peterson and crew have debuted the trailer for their newest film, Michigan Ice.  The film is due out in 2016, but, in the meantime, the’ve launched a Kickstartr campaign […]

2015 Bike Winter Art Show

2015 Chicago Bike Winter Art Show

The immutable gray that is Chicago winter can be debilitating.  For those of us that find therapy in cycling, the winter is down right detrimental to our mental health.  One way or another, we all find a way to persevere.  Personally, I set a series of small benchmarks.  While I will not reveal all of […]

Photo Courtesy of Red Bull

Red Bull Fuels Niagara Falls Ice Climb

On January 29, 2015, Will Gadd, a 2014 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, successfully climbed a frozen Niagara Falls – three times.  Yes, three times.  The plan was hatched last year when the “polar vortex” caused unprecedented freezing to certain areas of the notoriously violent falls.  With similar conditions this year, the ice accumulation […]



Great Lakes Adventure Project

Great Lakes Adventure Project is about embracing the active urban lifestyle. Our goal is to bring the often overlooked side of the Great Lakes regions’ urban outdoor culture into focus. Simply put, our mission is to help people find adventure in the most unlikely places, at possibly the most unlikely moments.